Pasture Raised and Finished Beef

Available seasonally by the quarter, half or whole animal for $4.50/lb.

Available by the cut at our farm.

GROUND BEEF              $6/LB

4 PATTIES                       $7

PORTERHOUSE            $18/lb

T-BONE/RIBEYE            $16/lb

BONE-IN SIRLOIN         $10/lb

BEEF RIBS                      $8/lb

BONE-IN ROASTS          $7/lb


SHORT RIBS                   $7/lb

SOUP BONES                 $3/lb

ORGAN MEAT                $3/lb

We raise black Angus cattle known for their great genetics for marbling on pasture forage alone. Our herd is not treated with growth hormones or antibiotics and our pasture is not treated with any pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers. The herd is not fed in a feedlot or barn and calving is done on pasture during the summer starting in May. We want our cattle to live as close to a natural life as possible, that’s why we call them pasture raised and finished. These are NOT dairy cattle that are bottle fed and given trucked-in feeds in a feedlot and then labeled grass-fed. Cattle are a ruminant animal that can convert grasses to fat and protein and therefore don’t need grains to gain weight and thrive. Done correctly, cattle can fatten and be just as tender as feedlot finished cattle. Humane, stress-free handling of the cattle is crucial to developing tender beef as well as honoring the animal that feeds us. Ideally, they have a stress-free good life all the way until the day they are butchered. We are striving to have the animals graze as many days as possible for our climate and are experimenting with summer and winter annual grasses and cover crops to extend grazing into the winter and early spring. Winter feed consists of hay we purchase locally fed in the pasture but we may try to harvest our own hay in the future. The only other input the cattle have access to is a free choice salt and mineral block to help with any minerals our soil and therefore pasture may be lacking.