Pasture Raised Eggs

  • $3 per dozen at the Farm
  • Colorful eggs from our diverse flock
  • Mobile coop with constant pasture access; wintered in a large coop
  • Certified by the State of Ohio Dept of Agriculture

How they’re made:

Our pasture raised eggs are basically a byproduct of the tireless work that our laying flock perform on our pastures. While out following our cattle herd, the chickens are picking fresh grasses, scratching for bugs, looking for seeds, and eating garden scraps. Our birds are supplemented with layer pellets to ensure they have a complete diet along with an available clean water source. They do not receive medicated feed but if a bird needs medical attention she is separated to a coop closer to the barn where it can be monitored, and/or treated.
Our birds are housed in a custom built coop that is moved once every 5 to 7 days to new pasture areas. This structure is encircled with an electric netting for their safety from predators and provides all the shade, wind and rain protection, warmth, and safe roosting they need. We retain our own hatched roosters to allow us to add to the flock through incubation of fertilized eggs. Roosters also provide an alert call to notify the girls if there is a hawk overhead! We would love to show you our setup and show you our egg collection process, set up a tour of the farm by clicking here.